What’s it all about?

I’m hoping that this first post will give you an idea of what this site will all be about. I have always been lucky enough to be curious about so many things, but mostly travel. After thankfully being fortunate enough to have many family holidays as a child I eventually first set off on my own in 2014 at the age of 20 to Tasmania. From the moment I left Newcastle airport and made my first post about my travels on Facebook I have had people, both who I know and who I’ve never met, saying to me that I should write a blog about my adventures. Assuming they were just being kind (and having no idea how to start a blog!) I carried on just documenting my travels on Facebook and Instagram using my phone, camera and GoPro. Within 2 months of travelling Tasmania & Western Australia I had gathered over 2000 Instagram followers, so I started to think maybe a blog wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Now, writing a blog is something I’ve never really looked into, and I truly had no clue where to start so I decided to wait until I wasn’t surrounded by camels and quokkas (If you don’t know what a quokka is, look out for my post about Rotnest Island – Unbelievably cute!) Anyway, back to what this is all about. On my return from my first solo adventure I was swept back into everyday life of work and a post graduate degree, and as anyone who has been in that position will know, getting free time amongst these two things was a talent in itself! I didn’t want to do a half-hearted naff attempt at a travel blog, so I waited for the glorious luxury of free time to return.

So that brings me to now, and with 9 countries in the last 3 years, and over 30 countries in total – each of these with endless amounts of cities, towns, villages and people to mention, (and over 10,000 photographs and videos on my laptop! But don’t worry, I won’t be posting them all!), I cannot wait to start documenting it all.

My hope for this blog is that anyone who is travelling or planning to travel, either solo like me or in a group, will come across it and find it useful in some way. Whether it’s to find out the best place to spot a platypus in the wild at Cradle Mountain National Park, the best tower to stand on to catch a sunrise on the Great Wall of China, or where to wait for the Kecak fire dancers to come out after the show at the Uluwatu Temple in Bali. I’m hoping that some insider knowledge and tips will help you on your own Curious Adventures.



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